IIf the Earth was an Apple!



Copyright 2009 - Watonga Motel - All Rights Reserved

The following demonstration helps us understand the small portion of earth capable of producing food and emphasizes the importance that each generation use the soil wisely.



Cut the apple into four equal parts. 

Three parts represent the oceans of the world. 

The fourth represents the land area.

Cut the land section in half lengthwise. 

Now you have two one-eighth pieces. 

One section represents the deserts, swamps, mountainous, artic, and Antarctic regions of the world.

The other one-eighth represents land where man can live but cannot grow food.

Slice this one-eighth section crosswise into four equal parts. 

Three of these one thirty-second
sections represent the areas of the world which are either so rocky, wet and hot,

or contain soil
so poor that food production is not possible.

Carefully peel the last one thirty-second section. 

This small bit of peeling represents the soil of
our earth that

all of us depend on for food!