Field Conditions
Field No. _______________
Soil Tests Show:
    on land judging card
            Mark 21                PH ___if less than or equal to 6.3 or greater than 8.0__

            Mark 22                Phosphorus    _if less than 60___   lbs / acre

            Mark 23                Potassium    ___if less than 300__   lbs / acre

            Mark 24                Nitrogen    ____if deficient______

            Mark 25               if none of 21 though 24 are marked.

Thickness of original topsoil was                             inches
  Erosion is figured by determining curent topsoil and placing that number over the original number that was given.  The fraction created will determine the erosion:    3/4 or greater will be None to Slight
                                                                1/4 to 3/4 will be Moderate
                                                                1/4 or less will be Severe
                                                                1/4 with uncrossable ditches will be very severe

            Treat for most intensive use.
            Disregard present mechanical practices on the field.
            Size of field:____________acres
            Other factors:

                Overhead water problem - Mark 17
                Moderate wetness problem - Mark 18 will be class II
                Frequent Flooding - Class V
                Wetness - Class V
  Needs Wind Break - Mark 9 and 11 only in Vegetative
                Desires a Post or Wood Lot - Mark 9, 11 and 12 only in Vegetative
                Timber Production - 9, 11 and 12 only
                    if any one of the three above mentioned tree-planting practices are used, this would indicate you are definitely in Class VI or VII.